Venetic language
Venetic group is still under consideration, and some linguists doubt it existed, and believe Venetic was just an Italic or Illyrian dialect, or maybe a mixture of both of them. But still the opinion that Venetic was a single group are more frequent.

Venetians lived on the Istrian peninsula, in modern North East Italy and Slovenia. They are believed to have found Venice. They were a sort of a link between Italic and Illyrian civilizations, but they failed to create their own one and remained as tribes until their lands were conquered by Romans in the 3rd century. From that time the Venetians were quickly assimilated by Roman colonists, and one of the reasons for that was the similarity of both languages, Latin and Venetic.

Venetic had about six or even seven noun cases, nouns known to us are originated from Indo-European o-, â-, r-, n-, i-stems. They have endings, similar to those in Italic languages, though with some peculiarities: for example, dative and ablative plural had -fos ending - derived from Indo-European -bhyos.

Venetic words are wriiten only in some inscriptions and are quite scarce to judge about the lexical composition of Venetic. We can say just that its glossary was very much alike Illyrian, Italic, somewhere Celtic, and of course Proto-Indo-European.