Urdu Sample Text

Beyond the stars there are still other worlds;
There are other fields to test man's indomitable spirit.
Not devoid of life are those open spaces of heaven;
There are hundreds of other caravans in them as well.
Do not remain contented with this sensible world;
Beyond it there are other gardens and nests as well.
If thou hast lost one nest, what then?
There are other places for sighing and wailing as well.
Thou art an eagle; thy business is to soar in the empyrean;
Thou hast other skies in which thou canst range as well.
Be not entangled in this world of days and nights;
Thou hast another time anci space as well.
 Persian Sample Text
When my Beloved the cup in hand taketh
The market of lovely ones slack demand taketh.
Every one saith, who her tipsy eye seeth
"Where is a shrieve, that this fair firebrand taketh?"
I, like a fish, in the ocean am fallen,
Till me with the hook yonder Friend to land taketh.
Low, at her feet in lament am I fallen,
Till the Beloved me by the hand taketh.
Happy his heart who, like Hafiz, a goblet
Of wine of the Prime Fore-eternal's brand taketh.